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*Everything is baked the day of or the day before to guarantee 100% freshness!*

From scratch apple raisin cinnamon muffin with/without walnuts

This delicious, fresh homemade muffin will fill you up and leave you more then satisfied. We bake all our grub with love and care!

Ingredients: Eggs, milk, walnuts, spices, flour, apples, sugar.

JDs Cheesy Cornbread Cakes

JDs from scratch cornbread cakes will leave you plump n full like a pig eating eating scraps after Thanksgiving. Made with real corn kernels and a hint of spicyness(Or not) and loaded with plenty of cheese, you'll eat good that's for sure.

Cranberry chocolate walnut bread with lemon drizzle

Mouth watering cranberry chocolate chip bread with walnuts and lemon drizzle fresh baked out the oven, made this for the youngins. It's so good we had to sneak a bite out!

Ingredients: Eggs, milk, walnuts, spices, flour, cranberries, chocolate, lemons, sugar, honey.

Double Chocolate chip cookie with caramel 

There's nothing like a fresh homemade triple decker chocolate cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Ingredients: Eggs, milk, spices, flour, chocolate, caramel, sugar.

Lemon Glazed Raspberry Spice Muffins

Delicious, made from scratch lemon glazed muffins with real raspberries and a bit of allspace to bring that fall flavor to your home.

Ingredients: Eggs, milk, allspice, spices, flour, lemons, honey, sugar, cranberries. 

Delicious Peanut butter packed fudge brownies that you could just about gum down. These chocolate chunks will surey brighten up anyones day, they make a wonderful gift!

Ingredients: Eggs, milk, walnuts, spices, flour, peanut butter, butter, walnuts, sugar, salt.

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Prices are under pictures.  Tell us what you want, what options and how many and pick a date and tell us a good time.

 After order is placed we will send a bill via PayPal.com. for the amount to your email included in the message,  or accept cash on delivery. We charge $5.99 for catering to your house or event and you must order $25 min. $60+ is free delivery. 

Orders must be placed atleast 1 day in advance! We cannot fill sameday orders.

On Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays we do local meets at a few locations.  Local meets are free with a $35 order or $2.99 with any order!

We only sell locally in the Jacksonville FL area at this time! 

We look foward to your business! 
Thanks and God bless.

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Sneak peak behind the scenes of JD's kitchen.

The brown sugar sprinkle on top of the muffins is also homemade!

Nothing like homemade honey bbq wings! They didn't last 15 minutes!